Biosafety and Invasive Alien Species Regulation Directorate

About the Biosafety and Invasive Alien Species Regulation Directorate

Ethiopia is signatory for both Convention on Biological Diversity and Cartagena protocol on Biosafety. The country has ratified Biodiversity Convention and Cartagena Biosafety by Proclamation No. 98/1986 and 362/200 respectively.  Accordingly, Ethiopia prepared its own Biosafety law in 2009 with Proclamation No. 655/2009. Due to the fact that the 2009 law does not support transaction of GMO for confined, continued and environmental release, it was amended as Amended biosafety Proclamation No. 896/2015 by the Parliament.

Functions of the Directorate

  • Create awareness and provide training on Biosafety issues.
  • Using the amended Biosafety proclamation and directives issued by the commission, facilitate conditions for special permit for both contained research and confined field trial. So far Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute is applicant for the both confined and contained laboratory research related to genetically modified organisms.
  • Facilitate the activities of the Biosafety Advisory Committee on safety issues and strengthen their capacity through communicating regional and international organization dealing with Biosafety and Biotechnology.
  • Follow up both confined and contained experiment to ensure that the experiments are undertaken as per the protocol submitted by the applicant. Hence works towards avoiding or minimizing risks associated with the transaction of GMOs on human, animal, Biodiversity and the environment at large.
  • Develop and implement a risk management plan.
  • Monitor and control the movement, distribution, transport and positioning of genetically modified organisms
  • Developing an emergency mitigation plan in the event of an accidental evacuation.

Organizational Structure

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