Proclamation and Regulation

Biosafety Proclamation No.896/2015

This proclamation may be cited as the “Biosafety (Amendment) Proclamation No.896/2015”.

Regulation No. 411/2017

This Regulation shall be cited as the “National Bio-safety Advisory Committee Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 411/2017”.


Biosafety Directives No 08/2018.

Directives to Determine the Content of an Application for Undertaking Transaction Involving Deliberate Release of Modified Organisms No 08/2018.

Biosafety Directives No 07/2018.

Directives to Determine the Requirements for the Transport and storage of Modified Organisms No 07/2018.

Biosafety Directives No 06/2018.

Directives Issued to Establish Procedure for the Management of Risks from any Transaction Involving Modified Organisms No 06/2018.

Biosafety Directives No 05/2018.

Directives on Risk Assessment parameters for Modified Organisms No 05/2018.

Biosafety Directives No 04/2018.

Directives to Determine Major Contents of Applications for Special permit for the Contained Use of Modified Organisms in Research or Teaching No 04/2018.