Ethiopian National Biosafety Advisory Committee

Ethiopian National Biosafety Advisory Committee

The National Biosafety Advisory Committee (NBAC) is a technical committee composed of a range of specialists. The main function of the NBAC is to conduct risk assessment and to provide scientific advice and technical assistance to government and the commission. The committee has 13 members and emanated from different institutions directly or indirectly dealing with issues of biosafety and Biotechnology. 

 Powers and Duties of the Committee 

Members of the Committee 

The Committee shall, upon request by the Commissioner, or by the request of other ministries through the Commission have the powers and duties to advise the Government on:

1/transactions of genetically modified organisms;

2/the issues of national policies and laws of bio-safety;

3/identifying effective methods to create public awareness regarding transactions of genetically modified organisms;

4/ on any other matters related to bio-safety

The Committee members, including the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, shall be nomination by the Commission and be assigned by the Government; and their numbers shall be determined as appropriate. The Committee shall be comprised of members with relevant qualification, experience and organizational representations from government bodies, higher education institutions, civil societies and non-governmental institutions.

Powers and Duties of the Chairperson 

The Chairperson of the Committee shall have the following powers and duties:         

1/preside and lead the activities of the committee;

2/cause the execution of powers and duties of this Regulation;

3/call regular and extraordinary meetings

Meetings of the Committee

Terms of Committee members

Powers and Duties of the Secretariat

1/The Committee shall hold its regular meeting at least four times a year. 

2/Without prejudice the committee may have extraordinary meeting any time upon the call of the Chairperson. 

3/There shall be a quorum where more than two third of the members of the Committee are present at a meeting.

4/The Committee shall present its recommendation in consensus; provided, however, if consensus is not reached, the majority recommendation together with the dissenting opinion shall be sent to the Commissioner. 

 1/The term of office of the Committee members shall be three years.

 2/The Commissioner may, in consultation with appropriate body, assign a member of committee for one additional term.

The Secretariat of the National Bio-safety Advisory Committee shall be organized under the Commission.  

The Secretariat shall:

1/organize and submit any bio-safety requests made to the committee;

2/submit the recommendation of the Committee to the Commissioner;

3/prepare and submit performance report of the Committee to the Commissioner.

List of Member of national Biosafety Advisory Committee With Their Respective Institutions

Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Mesfin Befekadu

Phone: +251910369266

Ministry of Health Mr. Abera Dibabe

Phone: +251920635339

Ministry of Tradeand Industry Mr.Esmael Mohammed

Phone: +251911006346

Ethiopian biotechnology institute Dr. Dagmawit Chombe

Phone: +251911745351

ethiopian biodiversity institute Dr. Eleni Shiferaw

Phone: +251910304826

ethiopian biodiversity institute Dr. Genene Tefera

Phone: +251940843181

Customs Commission


ethiopian Standard Agency Mr. ketema Tolosa

Phone: +251911424587

Addis Ababa University Institute of Biotechnology Dr. Tekelehaimanot Hailesilassie

Phone: +251922842737

ethiopian institute of agricultural research Dr. Tesfaye Disasa

Phone: +251911118068

Ethiopia Crops science association Dr. Daniel Muleta

Phone: +251977320196

Ethiopian Trade Computation and Consumer's protection authority Mr. Dawit Mesfin

Phone: +251913757855

Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission Mr. Wondosen Tadese

Phone: +251945253922